Guest Engagement

B-Guest is a Guest Engagement Platform that has been designed to shorten the distance between hotels and guests, connecting them in the best possible way.

It provides a set of innovative services for hotels, helping them reduce costs, increase revenues and make guests happier.

B-Guest Services


Automate manual tasks decreasing Check-In time
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Decrease queues at the reception and make guests happier
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Automate communications and reach all your guests
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Allow guests to request your services using any digital channel
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Avoid bad reviews from guests by receiving feedback in real time
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Digital Compendium

Decrease costs and eliminate paper from your hotel rooms
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Start using B-Guest today and engage with your guests like never before!

Why You Should Use B-Guest

Fully Integrated
With Your PMS

Automate manual processes, save time and reduce costs

Reduce Workload
At Reception

Use our Check-In solution to shorten queues in the reception

Increase Up-selling

Reach all guests suggesting what they want at the right time

Increase loyalty and
customer satisfaction

Provide guests the most convenient channels to communicate

Complete Guests Profiles

Know better your customers to personalise their stays

Over 300 hotels worldwide... and more than 1000 by 2017.

  • Hyatt
  • Sheraton
  • Bristol Hoteis
  • Vila Galé
  • Altis Hotels
  • Hoteis Real
  • Nau Hotels
  • Blue and Green
  • Turim Hotels
  • Montebelo Hotels
  • Four Seasons Vilamoura
  • Monte Santo Resort
  • The Oitavos
  • The Vine
  • Farol Hotel
  • Evolutee Hotel
  • Zmar
  • Ecork Hotel
  • Santiago de Alfama

What Hotels Think About B-Guest

Main Business Partners

  • Oracle Hospitality
  • Bermatech
  • Host Hotel Systems
  • Newhotel Software
  • Quonext
  • Knowcross
  • Erbon Software