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Guest Engagement Platform

Start by simply setting up the way you want to communicate with your guests...


When do you want to engage with your customers: prior, during or after their stay?


What do you want to up-sell / inform them about?


Who do you want to reach: all your guests or just a specific profile?


How do you want to reach them: e-mail, sms, push notifications or FB Messenger?

... and let B-Guest do the job automatically for you!


Engage your guests using the communication channel of their preference.

Return on Investment

Create your new up-selling channel today and get your ROI within less than 6 months.



Increase loyalty and
customer satisfaction

Reduce workload
at reception

Reduce printed
paper work

“B-Guest helped us to engage with more customers, increasing their satisfaction”

Vila Galé Board Member

Learn about the benefits B-Guest provides to your hotel

  • Request Manager

    Handle all incoming requests from guests in a simple online app.

  • Direct Marketing

    Enhance your communication with your guests with personalized promotions through push notifications.

  • Business Intelligence

    B-Guest determines which services and products to suggest to each guest and lets the hotel decide what to do.

  • Guest Profile

    B-Guest is aware of each guest's preferences. It traces a profile based on requests, location and time of day.

  • Analytics

    Analyse your guests satisfaction, preferences, pre-stay needs and improve your services strategy.

  • Guest Surveys

    Get real feedback from your guests using mobile as the channel that guests are more willing to respond to.

  • Customization

    Customize your hotel in the APP setting languages, services, products and what to do outside the hotel in the online web app.

  • PMS and POS Integration

    Optimize productivity and costs by integrating B-Guest with your PMS and POS systems.

What people are Saying

“Great app! Love the idea of having the chance to communicate with the hotel and order its services through my iPhone, whenever I want.
Very convenient. All hotels should have B-Guest!”

Sérgio Costa

What people are Saying

“When I’m travelling it’s not easy for me to talk to the hotel staff when they don’t speak proper Spanish.

With B-Guest, being able to communicate with the hotel in my own language was quite useful.”

Maria Martinez

What people are Saying

“One of the things I really hate in hotels is having to wait for everything. Now with a simple tap, I can order what I want!

Tried to book a massage and within seconds it was confirmed. I recommend B-Guest to everyone. Much easier.”

Keith Reynolds

What people are Saying

Now I don’t need to look for a phone or a hotel staff member to ask for anything.

It was a quite nice experience visiting Lisbon downtown and being able to book a table for dinner at the hotel restaurant in a blink of an eye.”

Ricardo Almeida


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