Of the guests provide their info prior to their arrival through B-Guest Online Check-In


Of the guests use the B-Guest Tablet Check-In to make or complete their check-in process at the hotel


Of the promotions sent within the B-Guest Check-In e-mail are opened by the guests

What Hotels Think About B-Guest

B-Guest has the potential to become a great tool to any hotelier, also allowing guests to interact with hotels through a much more intuitive and convenient way.

Ian Vitta Controller/Riviera Hotel

B-Guest is adding a lot of value to Monte Santo Resort because it represents a new, innovative, easy and fast way to connect guests to the resort services, through a platform that is being massively used by our guests, every day”.

It also provides guests a lot of useful information about the resort, its services and neighbourhoods, according their needs and preferences, promoting this way the activities and existing services, which contributes for the overall guest satisfaction and creates up-selling opportunities across the different resort departments.

Ezequiel Marreiros Front Office Manager/Monte Santo Resort

B-Guest gives us the chance to engage the guests with our hotel concept and services, steer them to increase their consumptions and it often enables us to start selling our services even before they arrive at the property.

During guests’ stays, one of the easiest ways to reach them, without affecting their privacy, is sending messages to their smartphones through B-Guest, incentivising them to participate on our events, dinner at our restaurant or having a drink at the bar.


Luís Cabeça General Manager/Vitória Stone Hotel

Avenida Duque de Loulé, 5, 4ºD
1050-085 Lisboa

Setin Tower Building
R. Fidêncio Ramos, 100 – 5º Floor
Vila Olimpia CEP 04551-010 São Paulo