Find the hotel services your guests can request through B-Guest

  • Check-In

    Speed up your Check-in process and avoid wasting time in queues.

  • Pre-Stay

    Before you arrive at the hotel, set your preferences like room location, room temperature, pillow type...

  • Transfer

    Do you need a transfer from the airport to the hotel? Book it through B-Guest.

  • Taxi

    Anytime you need a taxi from your hotel, just use B-Guest.

  • In Room Dining

    See all details and photos of in-room dining options. Order anywhere, in your language.

  • SPA

    Treat yourself to a massage or another SPA service? Just open B-Guest, see all options and book your session.

  • Restaurants

    Take a look at the hotel restaurants and which menu options they have. Book a table and enjoy your meal.

  • Sports

    Check which sports and health club activities you can do at your hotel and book them.

  • Laundry

    Request laundry services. B-Guest will tell you when the service is complete.

  • Amenities

    Do you need an extra towel, soap or shampoo? With a single tap, request it through B-Guest.

  • Maintenance

    Having trouble with your TV, the air-conditioning or your shower? Use B-Guest to ask for help.

  • Room Cleaning

    Require additional room cleaning? Request it through B-Guest.

  • Shopping

    See the souvenirs or local products that are for sale at your hotel.

  • Valet

    For valet parking services, enter your ticket number on B-Guest and your car will be delivered.

  • Late Check-Out

    Want to stay in your room later than the usual check-out time? Ask for a late check-out.

  • Checkout

    See your bill at anytime, check-out from anywhere and leave the hotel bypassing the front desk. Isn’t that awesome?