Allow guests to pay for their stay during Online Check-in


Through integration with a payment gateway, provide a complete experience to your guests even before they arrive at the hotel, using contactless technology.

Safety, comfort and practicality are the wishes of guests that stood out in recent times. Providing them with a complete online check-in and payment process is the perfect combination to meet these desires.

In addition to providing autonomy, your hotel will also offer a safer contactless process for its guests and staff. Have you thought about making this feature available in your business?

Now the B-Guest Online Check-in tool can be integrated with payment gateways, which allows the guest to pay for their stay during the check-in process.

B-Guest already has integration with REDUNIQ!

See how simple the check-in payment process is:

Payment Check-in

Some hotels already enjoy the benefits of the partnership between B-Guest and REDUNIQ.

It is possible to integrate your Online Check-in with other payment methods, according to the needs of your hotel.

Do not hesitate to talk to our experts to find the best solution for your business!