B-Guest Ratings: guest satisfaction made simple

The guest experience begins even before they arrive at the hotel, and every moment is important to make their trip special. Keeping track of your longings and frustrations in real time has been increasingly important and necessary for hotels. B-Guest Ratings makes the feedback process simple, fast and intuitive for both guests and hotels.

Guest satisfaction can be managed at 3 important moments: after online check-in, after check-in, on the tablet or at desk, and during their stay.

See how this tool works:

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B-Guest Ratings makes it easy to monitor and improve guest satisfaction. If their expectations are not met, the hotel will promptly know and be able to react in a timely manner to reverse the situation and ensure that they have a pleasant stay.

This tool not only generates benefits for the guest, but also enables the hotel to efficiently solve problems and turns dissatisfied guests into promoters. This responsiveness also helps to ensure the hotel has a good reputation, especially when it comes to digital presence, as it is possible to manage complaints internally and in real time without exposing the hotel to social networks.

The online check-in feedback also helps the hotel understand how this process’ experience is and it allows to intervene and make improvements if needed.