Do much more with your Wi-Fi landing page!

Collect guest data, inform the guest, promote your loyalty program, cross-sell and upsell.

This article is about a specific communication channel that you (hoteliers) are yet to fully leverage – the Wi-Fi landing page – and the fact that you can do much more with it than passively landing on the hotel website. 

B-Guest created a solution that allows in a very simple and flexible way to create a landing page suitable for your hotel. We provide middleware and APIs for integration with third party systems and the marketing platform to edit and target campaigns.

The Page Editor

To allow you to take full advantage of this “channel” and communicate with your guest, the product includes an easy-to-use landing page editor that works in any web browser.

In addition to its user friendly template, the tool also allows you to create a personalized landing page with different sections, banners, texts and links, and also providing two levels of access, for hotel chains to edit brand templates, and for each independent unit to be able change the contents of its hotel.

The Page

The following are pictures of the interface we have available and one of the many templates that can be created.

You can see above how you can use the landing page to promote hotel and/or hotel group services like, for example, your loyalty card.

Data Collection & Integration

We customize and optimize your Wi-Fi Landing page for Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics so that you can properly target your audience.

All of this is done with full respect for guest data privacy as mandated by GDPRCCPA and LGPD.