Find out how B-Guest tools can help your hotel’s marketing strategy

Guest Journey

Offering Online Check-in at your hotel is of great value to your guests and staff, especially these days. In addition to this feature, B-Guest solutions can also be a powerful marketing tool for your hotel.

See how to structure a marketing strategy from the beginning to the end of the Guest Journey



Send personalized and targeted communications to promote your hotel, run seasonal and even targeted campaigns for each audience.


Booking and Pre-Check-in

Offer Online Check-in to your customers and make their check-in experience more pleasant, also allowing social distance. Before starting their stay, introduce guests to the offers available at your hotel, through Pre-Stay Campaigns, and allow them to book services directly by email, either for transfer on their arrival or to upgrade the booked room, for example.



In addition to sending an automatic email for Check-in, take advantage of this process to get to know your guests and their preferences better, using customized questions in Online Check-in. That way, you can offer an even more personalized experience.

If upon arriving at the hotel, the guest has not yet performed their check-in, they can perform this process on their own smartphone, using the QR code available on the reception tablet, which will take them to the online check-in page.



As soon as your guests arrive at your hotel, they will want to connect to the Wi-Fi. Then, use your Wi-Fi landing page to inform them about your food and drink services, promotions, loyalty programs, etc.

During your stay, promote special campaigns, advertise the hotel’s restaurant, SPA services and also allow them to book directly by email.

Understand how your guests are doing during and at the end of the stay, so you can intervene and make improvements, if necessary. The Ratings tool makes the feedback process simple, fast and intuitive, both for guests and for your hotel, as well as helping your establishment gain good publicity on social media.



The day before they leave the hotel, send an automatic email to your guests and invite them to review their detailed billing and to do the Express Check-out. By clicking on the check-out button, they can confirm their expenses and authorize the charge on the credit card associated with the booking. The PMS receives this confirmation and initiates the payment and check-out process.

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Use the Campaigns and CRM tools to strengthen the relationship with your customers, carry out special campaigns and generate new conversions with contacts who already know your hotel.