Know your guests’ preferences before they arrive at your hotel

Know your guests' preferences before they arrive at your hotel

Being close (as far as possible and safe) to the customers and serving them in a personalized way was already a premise for businesses, but now, with the global scenario we are facing, this mentality becomes even more essential for the hospitality market recovery. Having a tool to understand guests’ needs and desires can help your hotel surprise them in this new phase that is underway.

In addition to the indisputable benefits of Online Check-in, B-Guest has just launched a new feature within this tool. The hotel can now obtain valuable information about its guests, which will help provide a personalized experience to them.

Exceed expectations

After filling in the essential information to perform its pre-check-in, the guest will be able to provide additional information about their preferences. From this input, the hotel can provide a personalized stay.

From the transfer to the arrival at the airport, the welcome drink in the room and the restaurant reservation even before arriving at the hotel, your hotel can offer services using the new Online Check-in functionality.

Another great advantage is that the additional questions are defined by the hotel itself, according to the services they wish to advertise.

It has never made more sense to offer a memorable stay to stimulate the recovery of hotel activity like today. Your guests will enjoy being treated in such a special way.

Check out how to take advantage of this novelty for your hotel!