New WebApp B-Guest Check-In

A year and a half after we launched the first version of the WebApp B-Guest Check-In, we are delighted to announce to our Customers that we have just launched the 2.0 version, for the Online Check-In and the Tablet Check-In.

The main features that are part of this new release, resulted from the immense feedback received from our Clients during 2018.

Thank you for your inputs. We hope this new version of the WebApp meets most of your needs and expectations!


Take a look at the main news:



New Design and Usability

The WebApp has become even easier and intuitive to use by your Guests, since it’s no longer necessary for them to register to perform the check-in process.


Customization of Check-In Fields

The hotel can now set different fill-in fields for the Online Check-In and the Tablet Check-In, as well as the order in which they appear. This feature is very important for Customers who already have an ID scanner at the Reception, serving to collect other information such as Contacts, Consents and Signature, thus avoiding the use of paper.


Languages in the WebApp Online Check-In

In the previous WebApp version of the Online Check-In, the only language available to the Guest was English. From now on, this language is defined according to the nationality of the Guest that appears in the PMS, and can also be changed when starting the pre check-in process, according to the languages defined by the Hotel.


Multi-Hotel Support WebApp Tablet Check-In

For Customers who have multiple units and centralize the check-in process in only one place, now they can use the Tablet Check-In with a single login.


Consents and Guests Digital Signature on the Tablet Check-In

For Hotels who intend it, it’s already available to collect the RGPD Consents as well as the accompanying Guests Digital Signature, not just for the booking holder.


Hotel Privacy Policies on the Tablet Check-In

It’s now possible to integrate the Hotel Privacy Policies into the Tablet Check-In, avoiding that Guest have to fill out an additional paper.


Contact us and we will show you how it works!