Online Check-in in your Hotel mobile App

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B-Guest’s Online Check-in, is a great tool for hotels and guests. In the current context it is a synonymous of safety for the guest, since it reduces face-to-face by minimizing the time at the reception, while keeping communication following.


In addition to allow guests to perform their online check-in, your hotel can now also make this feature available in their branded App. An example is the integration made with hotel-branded mobile Apps developed using the GuestU platform.

With this new feature, your guests will be able to access all the necessary resources in the hotel application during all their journey. Check some of them:

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  • Online Check-in
  • Chat & requests (between the guest and the reception)
  • Mobile key
  • My bill & express Check-out
  • Personalized City Guide
  • Promotion and Reservation of hotel services
  • Room control & TV remote 

These features will take your hotel even closer to your guests, providing security for them and your staff.


This feature is available on the home page of the Hotel mobile App, which takes the guest directly to complete the check-in.

All information collected is recorded in the hotel’s PMS.


Online Check-in

In hotels where the GuestU App and B-Guest Online Check-in products are already available separately, it’s possible to integrate this feature in a few minutes and with no additional costs!