PMS Integrations

How It Works

Providing a solution that is fully integrated with your PMS is really important for us in order to supply you a set of services that can help streamline your operations and get rid of manual tasks that don’t add any value to you and your guests.

We’ve developed an API that can easily connect with any third-party APIs your PMS and POS vendors provide. All the necessary efforts to make these integrations from our side, have no cost for you.

We are already integrated with a lot of PMS companies but, if yours is not our partner yet, just set up a technical session between B-Guest and your vendor and, within a few weeks, you will benefit from B-Guest’s Guest Engagement Platform full potential.

PMS partners already supported

Data Our Integrations Support







Main Benefits

Save your staff’s and your guests’s time while dealing with requests

Eliminate manual tasks, which have no added value, by automating processes

Release your staff from bureaucratic tasks, so that they focus on guest’s engagement

Provide the right tools to your staff so that they can do more in less time, increasing productivity

Create another sales revenue stream and increase your up-sell capabilities

Access relevant analytics that can help you make better decisions