B-Guest Projects

NEW B-GUEST SME PRODUCT – Aposta na Qualificação

Project Title: NEW B-GUEST SME PRODUCT – Aposta na Qualificação
Project Number: CENTRO-02-0853-FEDER-034420
Main Goal: The B-Guest SME solution is an internal spin-off of the B-Guest solution dedicated to the client/business user with the main focus on SMEs, aiming at this project their qualification in intangible domains in critical areas of investment.
Affected Region: CENTER
Beneficiary Entity: BGUESTNOW, S.A
Approval Date: 2017-11-22
Start Date: 2018-01-01
Completion Date: 2019-12-31
Total Eligible Cost: 287.025,00 €
EU Financial Support:
– FEDER: 129.161,25 €

Objectives, Activities and Expected/Achieved Results

The project focuses on dynamic competitiveness factors, considered to be key to business growth, aiming to qualify the promoter in order to make them more competitive in the foreign market:

– Improving the organisational and management capacities, planning and control of activity, by implementing new methods or philosophies of work organization and strengthening management capacities.

– Digital economics and ICT: creation/adequacy of business models that allow the realization of dematerialized processes with customers and suppliers through the use of ICT, namely by placing the business on digital platforms.

– Development and product Engineering: improvement of product development capabilities, embodied in innovative work methodologies and effective tools for conducting tests.

– Brand: Considering the potential of internationalization that exists to register the brand B-GUEST SME


Project Number: CENTRO-02-0752-FEDER-001284
Main Goal: Maximize B-Guest’s ability to export
Affected Region: CENTER
Beneficiary Entity: BGUESTNOW, S.A.
Approval Date: 07-09-2015
Start Date: 01-06-2015
Completion Date: 2018-05-31
Total Eligible Cost: 337.505,00 €
EU Financial Support: 151.877,25 €
Country’s/Regional’s Public Financial Support: Not Applicable


BGUESTNOW, S.A. purpose is to initiate its export process, in a sustainable manner, in markets where its probability of success is maximized, as well as where there is a higher potential of attaining most Clients (hotels) and Users (guests).

In its initial stage, the internationalization process will be executed at a slower pace, in order to learn the most of what selling abroad is about, making it possible to make it more efficient and quicker in the scaling process that comes next to B-Guest. The current plan is based on partnership deals both local and abroad (globally).


BGUESTNOW, S.A. developed a mobile app, by the name of B-Guest, that acts as a mobile concierge Marketplace with the purpose of connecting guests to hotels.

On the guest’s perspective, it is used as a regular app that the users install in their smartphone/tablet that can be used in any hotel to order services (check-in, room service, massage), at any time, in any place (in or out of the hotel), without waiting in line and in their preferred language.

For the hotel, it is a mobile CRM that, based on the guests usage, gathers detailed information about what is requested, making it easier to provide a more personalized service and maximize the sales at the outlets.

Expected/Achieved Results

The Internationalization Project has the purpose of helping BGUESTNOW promote its activity abroad, in external markets, by participating in events and trade shows, travelling in sales promotion trips and leads acquisition, as well as, in the execution and definition of marketing strategies.

The promotion activities at the international level that have been developed have helped the company acquire more clients and more partnerships.

Project description, including the monitoring level of execution

As stated before, the purpose of BGUESTNOW is to initiate its international sales process in a sustainable manner, in markets in which its probability of success is maximized and where there is a higher probability of acquiring Clients (hotels) and Users (guests).

The project proposed by B-Guest is based in a SWOT analysis already developed and a risk analisis to which the company is subject to (namely the competition and the technology advances in the industry). Several well defined activities have been devised, so that the strongest company’s traits are taken advantage of and the weaker traits are eliminated to overcome the threats, taking advantage of all opportunities. The strategic objectives are:

– Increase sales margins by adding distribution channels in the hotel;
– Maintain a level of profitability above the industry’s average, allowing for a systematic increase in the company’s level of competitiveness;
– Diversify the weight on the business volume per market, through the acquisition of some reference markets: Brazil, Spain, Colombia, USA, UK, Germany, Poland, Australia and South Africa;
– Develop internationalization activities of the company (by promoting the company abroad);
– Manage the operational costs to improve the efficiency operational indicators;
– Adjust the structure of the company’s capital to finance the development of the business, aiming at the reduction of the company’s financial risk;
– Diversify and apply the concept of B-Guest to several cities. This way the acquired know-how may be used to other verticals, making it possible to grasp other opportunities that may help bring more business to the company.

The sales and client acquisition goals on the selected markets, for the next 3 years, are:

Brazil – 1.425 Clients / 2.577.024€
Spain – 1.872 Clients / 2.394.864€
Colombia – 852 Clients / 1.073.520€
Chile – 240 Clients / 114.600€
United States – 942 Clients / 1.081.200€
United Kingdom – 1.139 Clients / 1.282.440€
Germany – 1.773 Clients / 2.417.280€
Poland – 120 Clients / 57.600€
Australia – 445 Clients / 120.000€
South Africa – 480 Clients / 139.200€

The project’s execution level is at 47.1%, currently.