Do you know that according to a recent study from Cornell University, the time guests wait at Check-Out is the second main reason for their dissatisfaction?

So, why don’t you simply let your guests bypass the front desk?

We have the solution for you! Invite your guests to Check-Out the day before departure. They can check their bill, authorise the payment, provide invoice details and… just leave your hotel avoiding any possible stressful queues.

Increase guests’ satisfaction while reducing 100% of Check-Out time.

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Check-Out Features

Web & App

Current Bill


Invoice Details

Up-Sell Options



Decrease 100% timings of any check-out made online

Decrease paper and invoice copies used on current check-out processes

Decrease the costs inherent to current check-out processes

Allow your guests to bypass reception while increasing their satisfaction

Reduce queues at reception

Increase the chances of up-selling