Digital Compendium


Most hotel rooms still have a paper directory describing the hotel services, from A to Z, as well as a paper Room Service Menu. These are expensive and not easy to keep up to date and are not ecological at all.

To solve these problems, we developed a digital compendium much more appealing to guests, that hotels can easily update on the fly without any cost and that guests can explore where ever they are by conveniently using their mobile devices.

They just have to scan a QR code, type your hotel website address or click on a link of an e-mail, sms or wi-fi landing page and… they have all your hotel information at their disposal, as simple as that.

Start today cutting all the paper forms from your hotel rooms, reducing your costs while making your hotel more sustainable and ecological.

Digital Compendium Features


Web & App

Multiple Languages

Multimedia Contents

Content Management System

Services Request Platform


Scratch all costs you have every time you have to update the directory

Update your directory, every time you want, on the fly

Cut all paper forms from your rooms, making your hotel paperless and ecological

Start showing your guests, a directory with images and videos, making it much more appealing

Provide your directory outside the room to your guests, using their mobile devices

Improve the chances of up-selling