Does your hotel have complaints or bad reviews once in a while?
If so, can you estimate their negative impact on your bottom line results and reputation?

What if we could provide you a real-time service feedback solution for your guests, every time they order a service or use your outlets, avoiding possible bad reviews on social media?

With B-Guest Ratings solution, you will empower your guests to evaluate your services at the right time. While bad ratings will allow you to solve complaints still at the property, good ratings are steered to be shared by your guests on main social media which is great for your reputation and future booking requests.

Transform unhappy guests into Hotel promoters.

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Ratings Features

Real Time Feedback


Complaints Manager

Social Media Sharing


Services Evaluation


Collect all your guest’s complaints in real time

Solve complaints while guests are still at the property

Avoid bad reviews on social media and its huge costs

Turn unhappy guests to hotel promoters

Improve your ratings on social media

Increase your bookings / revenues