Turim Hotels simplifies check-in for guests with B-Guest

Turim Hotels simplifies check-in for guests with B-Guest

Owners of several hotels in Portugal, the Turim Hotels group enchants with its charming and well-located units. Its expansion plan remains strong and foresees the opening of more 5-star hotel units. The group was founded 27 years ago and has since sought to offer its guests unique and differentiated experiences.

In 2018, the B-Guest Check-in (Online and Tablet) was implemented at the Turim Marquês Hotel in order to optimize and simplify this process for guests and staff. Since launch, the usage rates have been improving, and the group expanded this product to 12 more of its hotels.




Online Check-in
(TURIM Luxe Hotel)


Tablet Check-in
(TURIM Alameda Hotel)


Better environmental attitude and staff productivity

With the adoption of B-Guest Check-In, hotels in the group have significantly reduced paper usage as documents are digitally inserted into the reservation system and the guests’ signature is entered directly into the B-Guest Tablet.

In addition to the environment, this product also benefits the front desk staff, as they already receive the pre check-in, ready to be completed in the PMS.


Growing Performance

The high usage of the check-in product in these 13 hotels from the Turim Group represents a change in guest behaviour, seeking practical solutions that enhance their experience before, during and after their stay.

“B-Guest’s implementation is part of the Turim Hotels Innovation Roadmap for 2021. In addition to the efficient use of resources such as paper, B-Guest enables an important collection of information, both before and during the stay, enabling us to anticipate our guests' needs and speed up the entire check-in process.

Ricardo Vieira
Marketing & Sales at Turim Hotels

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